Paisley Purse & Toenails

IMG_1960 IMG_1958

Another purse from this adorable pattern. I added an outside zipper pocket because it needed one really bad. I love this print and enjoyed whipping this up. Of course it is available in the shop. The shop is coming along quite nice too. I am very pleased with the Etsy community and I think it is a great site to sell on. I wasn’t too sure at first what to think and I didn’t expect much but I have 5 sales already and that is quite a few for the amount of time that I have been on there. I’m not looking to get rich or make a ton of money but it is a nice way to keep myself busy and make a little money as a stay at home mom.


Speaking of mom, my daughter pampered me with a pedicure the other day. I just love this picture. She is so sweet and LOVES to clip nails. She doesn’t know how to and never really does but she likes to pretend. She is just an angel. I really need to make that dress I have been talking about. I still need to pre wash my fabric…. blah blah. Well I was just wanting to stop by and say hello to my followers! Thank you to each and everyone of you for reading my blog. Stop by the shop and use this coupon code for 20% off an Item! SUMMERDAYS123


Mice & Breath Mints


Who is that little cutie peeking out at you? He doesn’t have a name yet because he is up for adoption in the shop and if I name him I may become attached and want to keep him. The little guy peeking out doesn’t actually belong to me. He has a mouse owner which you can see down below.


Just look at them all snug as a bug in a rug. A little mouse and his teddy tucked away from the world in their little tin home waiting for someone to take them home and love them. I took about a bazillion photos of these friends because they are just soooo photogenic haha. I love this idea and although it took me quite a bit of time to make them, it was fairly easy. The result obviously was worth the finger pricks and aching back. I plan on making many more of these. I have a niece who is about to celebrate her 7th birthday and she is getting a new handmade friend to carry around with her. I know she will love it. Heck! I want to make myself one to carry around. I don’t care if I am 22 and a mom, I love these mice!! 🙂 Did you happen to see their little pillow? Adorable. I am making my daughter a mouse tonight. She is too small for his companion.

IMG_1952 IMG_1951


This is what I have been working on since my last post. Today I am working on another small purse for pinklittlebow. Then after that I think I will start on my Butterick girl dress. It’s been a crafty summer! What are you working on atm?

New Purse & a Little Shooting

At the range
I had a wonderful morning at the range. The weather was perfect and the wind was calm until a few hours in. I was very pleased to shoot my best score at the match and a little surprised to as I haven’t had time to practice due to sewing, my Etsy Shop and taking care of my little one. It was so nice to have some “me” time. I go every month and I really enjoy myself during that time.

Nautical PurseNautical Purse

Look at this cute little anchor purse! Isn’t this pattern just adorable! I made this for the shop last night and it is now available. It was pretty easy to make and it came together so nice. There are plenty more of these to come, trust me, I have about a million color and design combinations running around in my head. I really love the little pocket on the inside, it is just too cute. After the match this morning I ran by the store and picked up some fabric for a little dress for my bug. I bought a Butterick Pattern at Hancocks for &1.99!! All of their Butterick patterns were $1.99! I should of got a few more but decided to get fabric instead. I have to limit myself…. I tend to go crazy in fabric stores. I will keep ya’ll updated on the shop and my recent projects, in the meantime I am going to enjoy this beautiful Texas summer. How has your summer been?

Finished Purse and Scent Sachets


Well, I finished the purse and it turned out quite well. I had it in the shop but it has already been purchased and shipped out. No complaining here! I learned a few things on this project and it was really fun to make. I purchased a new purse pattern and stated working on it. I need canvas material and I don’t have any on hand at the moment so I decided to use a heavier interfacing. I don’t think it is going to be store quality but I am getting the feel for the pattern. It isn’t too complicated but I am just so anxious to create a new purse. I will be getting new materials this weekend so we shall see what I can come up with!

The pinklittlebow has 4 sales under its belt and it’s only been, what, two weeks? I am pleasantly surprised and happy. I hope that I can keep this train rolling.  I have found that etsy teams are vital and you can learn so much from them. I am so glad that I decided to open up a shop as it has been a great learning experience already and so much fun!


I have decided to add Design Your Own Scent Sachets to the shop. You choose your fabric design and your scent. I think this will be so much easier for everyone. Thank you for stopping by, I am going to enjoy this hot summer day inside under the AC sewing until my fingers bleed!

A WIP & a Scary 4th of July

I started on the purse pictured a few days ago. I ordered some magnetic closures and have been not so patiently waiting on them. I NEED them… and I want them. Maybe today they will decide to show up in my mailbox. I have had a busy end to this week. My man has been out of town working and I have been swamped with things to be done. The shop has received two more sales which is amazing and I am very surprised & thankful! I wish I had set work hours so I could get some things done but as of right now it is just a few hours here and there that I have time to dedicate myself to my blog and store. It seems as if there are not enough hours in the day or week for that matter. I have so many ideas, hopes & dreams for pinklittlebow but I am taking one small step at a time.

  I took the clutch handbag out of the shop yesterday because I discovered a small problem with the zipper. 😦 Sometimes the zipper acts stubborn and I don’t want to sell something that isn’t up to par. I used it yesterday for myself when we went out for the 4th and it was perfect. So much better than my HUGE purse that I normally carry around so it was a lose/win. I really need to stock the shop. I honestly have been dragging ass lately. I just received some more scents for scent sachets but I had to use most of them for an order for my Aunt. I still have a few left and I plan on having them in the shop before Monday.

  How was your 4th of July? Ours was pretty exciting and fun. We went to a deer breeding facility and fed the sweet little baby fawns. Allison made a few friends. She just loved them and laughed when they ran away from her. There were two that really wanted to know more about her. I went and made friends with a few of the two year old bucks. They still had their velvet so they were extra friendly which was a good thing for my sake. They love to lick your arms which felt really funny but its just their way of being friendly.

  When we returned home, I learned that my sweet Mini Schnauzer had gone missing. We searched for him but with no luck. My sister drove down to the highway and found him coward down in the road, likely having a few close calls. She rescued him and I’m sure if she hadn’t found him when she did, he wouldn’t be here. I was so so sad. My poor poor Kota.

  Later on that evening we watched the kids go crazy lighting black cats and sparklers. Me and my nephew went on a little adventure as I showed him what I used to do with the black cats when I was his age. We found some cool things to put them in and blew things up. He along with the rest of the bunch had a “blast” so to speak. When the kids ran out of things to light and the sky got dark, we started with the big stuff. We lit up the night sky with bursts of color. But it all came abruptly to an end when a firework was lit and then fell over causing a scene pulled straight out of a WWII movie in the front yard. Big burning fire balls of color flew in every direction causing panic and fear. The show was over and it was time to head home. Me, Thomas and our bug headed home on old dirt roads and we talked while the bug snoozed. It was a crazy and scary day but we all made it home safe. I hope your 4th was wonderful.

Sweet Summer Flowers

IMG_1829 IMG_1832


Allison or “My Bug” as most of you know her as, spotted some pretty flowers and wanted to smell them. She is just too precious, a true gift from God. This little girl amazes me with her beauty and her kindness. She loves to give kisses to her “Brother” Kota which is our Mini Schnauzer and kisses to her cousins. She has favorite books too. Her favorite right now is “Oh the Places You’ll Go!” By Dr.Suess. I read that book to her all of the time and she will open it up and babble to herself. Allison… my sweetheart. She gives me so much joy everyday and is constantly pushing me to become a better person. To not complain so much and to just enjoy life each day. I do have a few moments where I want to pull my hair out but I am human right? I don’t think I would be if I didn’t.

You know, times get tough… they really do. Being a stay at home mom is not an easy job. While I’m at home running in circles cleaning after her and trying to manage this blog and my new etsy shop and trying to get it to take flight while TRYING to add inventory daily, I am left with worry. I am worried about managing meals to make them last until the next paycheck  and worried about my sweetheart having enough gas to get to and from work each day. And now I am worried about his truck because when he came home for lunch today he gave me the bad news. His truck is leaking oil from the head gaskets. I am hoping that is all that is wrong. Please Jesus let that be all. While going through this tough time of being a young couple and raising a little one I can’t help but think of my parents and how they did it. But in time I know things will work out. They always seem to. I must put all of the negative behind and take a deep breath and smell the sweet summer flowers because that’s what really matters.

New Clutch & a Baby on my Hip

IMG_1800 IMG_1806

I sewed up a cute little clutch this morning to add to the shop. I really think that it is just too darn cute and I will miss it dearly when it leaves my possession.  I am not new (so to speak) to sewing but I do have a lot to learn and although I have a long journey ahead, I enjoy turning the pages and discovering  new tips and tricks everyday. I do believe that is part of the joy and excitement, you know, that “Ah-ha” moment. I have had a few of those and a few “Oh damn…” ones as well but the bumps in the road make the smooth moments more enjoyable so just turn up the radio and enjoy the ride.

Now me and my little love have been bumping heads today. I think to myself about how I need to get things sewn for the shop and how I need to tidy up my craft area and make dinner so we all don’t starve but the bug has had other plans for me. Attached at the hip today my friends. I can hardly type up this blog because she wants me to hold her. Not quite sure what has gotten into her today but whew! This momma needs some headache medicine and a nap or I’d settle for a glass of wine and a few minutes to myself. As you could have guessed I get most of my work done at night. 🙂

I am so surprised at the support I have received here on wordpress. I’ve had a few blogs before but I never even got a like or comment and it makes me feel so blessed and happy to see likes and comments. What a wonderful community we have here on wordpress. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my rants and rambles as it really makes mine. I love taking you all along with me on my journey of being a SAHM and starting my own etsy shop. I love reading about others days and seeing the world through someone else’s eyes.

Until next time, Jess